Let us introduce Pack-Rack to you

Pack-Rack is a strong, water resistant and cost effective retail concept for e.g. plants and flower bulbs and (non) food products for retail. Thanks to the unique 4-in-1 concept: Pack it – Ship it – Display it – Recycle it, Pack-Rack can be deployed quickly and at low cost. We manufacture Pack-Rack in 5 locations in Europe and it is the alternative to wooden and heavier cardboard displays, CC’s, trolleys and carts. Pack-Rack has been tested extensively for durability and stability during transportation and storage.

The advantages of our Pack-Rack

Very strong and stable – 

Constructed entirely of recycled material – 

100% recyclable –

Suitable for pallet truck and forklift, with or without the use of a pallet – 

All sizes and heights are possible –


– Water resistant and suitable for outside use

– Stackable

– Cheap alternative to existing transportation and displaying systems

– Can be expanded with POS for improved sales