About the manufacturer and developer of Pack-Rack

Cader is part of the US Carlyle corporation and is part of the Signode Industrial Group, a world market leader in the field of packaging materials, strapping and machines.

Cader operates together with the Dutch production facilities of Angleboard and Van Antwerpen Cartonnage (V.A.C.)  as part of the division Protective Packaging, leader in the field of corner and edge protection, strapping systems, packaging and cargo securing with 24 production companies in Europe, the US and the Far East.

As a manufacturer of corner profiles with facilities in Nuenen and Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands), we also consult, design, develop and manufacture our smart display solutions, made of recycled cardboard. First we focused on the (export) horticultural segment, which has a vast demand for smart creative disposables, suitable for packing, transporting and displaying plants and flower bulbs. In the meantime, international retail and (non) food also discovered the Pack-Rack, and we dedicate an international team of specialists from Benelux, France, the U.K., Sweden and Turkey to the design, development and production of Pack-Rack.

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